prosiding EACEC Singapore 2001

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Prosiding EACEF-8 Singapore 2001

The Eight East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering & Construction
Challenges in the 21st Century
5-7 December 2001
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “A”

  1. A Building with TLCD to Earthquake (down-load PDF 58 kb)
    Yung-Hsiang Chen, Chia-Hao Ko 
  2. A Comparison of BNBC- 93 with Other Building Codes with Respect to Earthquake and Wind Analysis (down-load PDF 34 kb)
    Zia Wadud, F. Atique 
  3. A Comparison of Measured and Predicted Earthquake Response for a Building in Santiago (down-load PDF 396 kb)
    Ernesto F. Cruz, Herbert Bollmann, Aimee Rodriguez 
  4. A Composite Slab System for Low-Cost Building Construction (down-load PDF 171 kb)
    Tadeu H. Takey, Sebastiao A. L. de Andrade, Pedro Colmar Goncalves da Silva Vellasco, Jose G. S. da Silva 
  5. A Computerized Program for Mix Proportioning of Roller-Compacted Concrete with Fly Ash (down-load PDF 218 kb)
    Somnuk Tangtermsirikul, Jittbodee Khunthongkeaw, Theerasak Kaewkhluab, Pongsak Jitvutikrai 
  6. A Design Method of Longitudinal and Transverse Stiffeners in Hybrid Steel Girders (down-load PDF 128 kb)
    Nobunao Tanaka, Jian Zhang, Noriyuki Nakada, Katsuyoshi Akehashi, Teruo Yomogida, Shigeru Shimizu, Hiroshi Nakai 
  7. A Design Support System for Prestressed Composite Girder Strengthened with External Tendons (down-load PDF 118 kb)
    Ayaho Miyamoto, Hideaki Nakamura 
  8. A Direct Convergence Solution In An Earthquake Response Analysis Of The System Using Fiber-Model
    Hisato Hotta, Tomokazu Ueta 
  9. A Few Remarks On Inelastic Acceleration-Displacement Response Spectra For Level 2 Earthquake
    Kiyoshi Hirao, Yoshifumi Nariyuki, Tsutomu Sawada 
  10. A Method Of Estimating Street Blockade Due To Big Near Field Earthquakes
    Yoshifumi Nariyuki, Kiyoshi Hirao, Takenobu Kawamura, Takahiro Miki 
  11. A Mix-Design Method for Flowing Concrete with High Strength Based on Aggregate Void Volume (down-load PDF 47 kb)
    Nan Su, Cheng-Tsang Wang 
  12. A New Method for More Efficient and Faster Design of Steel Beam-Columns (down-load PDF 518 kb)
    Abbas Aminmansour 
  13. A New Method of Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Columns Against Axial Load Collapse During Major Earthquake (down-load PDF 147 kb)
    Toshimi Kabeyasawa, Akira Tasai, Shun’ichi Igarashi 
  14. A New Testing Method For Creep Behaviour Of SCC At Early Age
    Krit Kangvanpanich, Krit Krittiya, Masahiro Ouchi 
  15. A Non-Destructive and Quantitative Monitoring System for Penetration of Chloride Into Concrete Structure (down-load PDF 88 kb)
    Koji Takewaka, Xuan Hoang Nguyen, Veerachai Leelalerkiat, Satoru Yamamoto 
  16. A Numerical Study Of Using Changes In Mode Shapes For Structural Damage Detection
    Mohamed Abdel-Basset Abdo, Muneo Hori 
  17. A Numerical Study On The Influence Of Horizontal Loads On High-Rise Buildings
    Hideki Kagawa, Burden Alan, Eiji Mikitani 
  18. A Paradox On Natural Frequencies Derived From Rayleigh-Ritz Method
    Dingyang Zheng, Sau Cheong Fan 
  19. A Parallel Implementation of The Element-Free Galerkin Method
    William Barry, T. Vacharasintopchai 
  20. A Proposal of A Practical Bridge Management System for Existing Concrete Bridges
    Kei Kawamura, Ayaho Miyamoto, Hideaki Nakamura 
  21. A Report On Localized Shear Compression Failure Of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
    Lertsrisakulrat Torsak, Junichiro Niwa 
  22. A Seismic Hazard Estimation System Of RC Bridges Using Neural Networks
    K C Chang, T.K. Lin 
  23. A Simple Elastic Approach For Design Of Structures Under Fire Conditions
    M.B. Wong 
  24. A Simplified Structural Model for Analysis of Submerged Floating Tunnel
    Motohiro Sato, Shunji Kanie, Takashi Mikami 
  25. A Study of Standard Forms Of Contracts – ICE, FIDIC, NEC And JCT
    Cheng-Ping Lin 
  26. A Study On Damage Assessment Of Steel Members Subjected To Seismic Excitation
    Yeon-Soo Park, Suhan Chong, Sunjoon Park, Daeheung Kang 
  27. A Study On Lateral Resistant Capacity Of The Steel Frame Strengthened With Panels
    Ching-Churn Chern, Tzu-Chao Lin 
  28. A Test-Based Method for Analysing Large Moment Redistributions in Composite Connections in Steel and Concrete (down-load PDF 176 kb)
    Christoph Odenbreit, Helmut Bode 
  29. Accelerated Exposure Tests Of Durability For Steel Bridges
    Yoshito Itoh, Atsushi Iwata, Shigenobu Kainuma, Yoshihisa Kadota, Tetsuya Kitagawa 
  30. ACI Method of Concrete Mix Design: A Parametric Study (down-load PDF 55 kb)
    Zia Wadud, S. Ahmad 
  31. Active Seismic Response Robustness Control Of Cable-Stayed Bridges
    Youliang Fang, Guiping Yan, Lin Liu 
  32. Active Vibration Control Of Submerged Piezoelastic Laminated Cylindrical Shells Subjected To Hydrostatic Pressure
    Hongyun Li, Weiping Shen 
  33. Adaptive Decentralized Control Of A Segment Of A Cable-Stayed Bridge With Multi-Layer Neural Networks
    Bin Xu, Zhishen Wu, Koichi Yokoyama 
  34. Advanced Technologies in the Maintenance of Steel Bridges (down-load PDF 387 kb)
    Chitoshi Miki 
  35. Aeroelastic Model Testing With ERA
    Xin Zhang, Brownjohn James 
  36. An Analysis Of Opportunities And Challenges For The Construction Industry In India
    N. Kalidindi Satyanarayana, A. V. Thomas, Koshy Varghese 
  37. An Analysis Of Present Situation On The Bridge Design Process For Construction-CALS/EC
    Keiichi Yasuda, Ichizou Mikami, Hiroaki Jinnno, Yukihiro Mikumo 
  38. An Analytical Method For Thermal Response Of Insulated Steelwork
    M.B. Wong, J I Ghojel 
  39. An Approach of Preliminary Safety Assessment on Buildings (down-load PDF 36 kb)
    Ching-Churn Chern, I. C. Tsai, L. J. Leu, S. H. Hsieh, M. D. Lu 
  40. An Efficient Approach For Dealing With Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Problems
    Y. S. Wu, Yeong-Bin Yang 
  41. An Experimental Investigation of The Mechanical Behaviour of Hybrid R/C T-Beams with Web Openings (down-load PDF 163 kb)
    Jonie Tanijaya, M.Sahari Besari, Ridwan Suhud 
  42. An Experimental Study On Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-Wide Column Joints With Non-Seismic Reinforcing Details
  43. Yiming Wu, Bing Li, Tso-Chien Pan 
    An FT-IR Study On The Pozzolanic Reactivity Of A Waste Catalyst From Oil Companies
    Kung-Chung Hsu, Wan-Lung Wu, Jung-Hsiu Wu 
  44. An Integrated Computational Framework For Performance Evaluation Of Cementitious Materials And Structures Under Various Environmental Actions
    Tetsuya Ishida, Koichi Maekawa 
  45. Analogy Between Multi-Axial Non-linear Behaviours Of Structures And The Theory Of Plasticity
    Katsuki Takiguchi, Koshiro Nishimura, Haruna Fujisawa 
  46. Analysis of Cracking Localization by Smeared Crack Approach : The Four-Point Bending Problem (down-load PDF 65 kb)
    Pruettha Nankorn, Vasan Thitawat 
  47. Analysis Of High-Speed Train-Elevated Railway Bridge Interactions
    Chang-Koon Choi, Myung-Kwan Song 
  48. Analysis of In-Ground LNG Storage Tank Using Variable-Node Elements
    Chang-Koon Choi, Tae-Yeol Lee, Eun-Jin Lee 
  49. Analysis Of Seismic Pounding Effects On Bridges With 3D Modelling
    Ping Zhu, Masato Abe, Yozo Fujino 
  50. Analysis of Shear Wall With Openings Using Super Element
    Dong-Guen Lee, Hyun-Su Kim, Kye-Hong Nam-Gung 
  51. Analysis On The Shear Resistance Of Reinforced Concrete Beams By Using Transformation Angle Truss Model
    Sang-Woo Kim, Jung-Yoon Lee 
  52. Analytic Solutions For Vibration Control of Laminated Piezoelectric Beam-Column
    Changkuang Ju, Yaowen Yang, Chee Kiong Soh 
  53. Analytical Study On Mechanical Behaviour Of RC Shear Wall Using Truss Model
    Hiroyasu Sakata, Hiroshi Chiba, Akira Wada 
  54. Applicable Span Length of Stress-Laminated T-System and Box-System Timber Bridges (down-load PDF 30 kb)
    Toshiyuki Sugiyama 
  55. Application Of Equivalent Walking Loads For Vibration Analysis Of Building Structures
    Dong-Guen Lee, Sang-Kyung Ahn, Gee-Cheol Kim
  56. Application Of Homogenization In Analysis Of Masonry Structures
    Jerzy Szolomicki, Dariusz Szolomicki 
  57. Application of Jet Grouting Technique in EGAT Construction Works (down-load PDF 406 kb)
    Somchai Kokkamhaeng 
  58. Application Of Stayed Arch Scaffolding In The Construction Of Arch Bridges
    Zhiqing Bai, Quanjun Feng, Weibing Gu, Songyuan Shu 
  59. Application Of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics In Geotechnical Engineering
    E.C. Leong, H Rahardjo, D.G. Fredlund 
  60. Applying PDE Program To Partial Differential Equations In Soil Mechanics
    Guan-Chyun Shiah 
  61. Aseismic Design of Tall Structures using Variable Frequency Pendulum Oscillator
    Murnal Pranesh, Ravi Sinha 
  62. Aseismic Hybrid Control System for a Five-Storey Benchmark Building Model (down-load PDF 101 kb)
    Yi Min Wu, Bijan Samali 
  63. Assessing Constructibility Practices Among Project Designers In Indonesia
    Bambang Trigunarsyah 
  64. Assessment Of Damaged And Deteriorating Concrete Using The Stiffness Damage Test
    Ayman Nassif 
  65. ATC Engineering Applications: Technology Transfer Resources to Mitigate The Effects of Natural Disasters (down-load PDF 152 kb)
    Christopher Rojahn, Arthur N.L. Chiu 
  66. Axial Restraint Effects On The Behaviour Of Steel Columns In Fire
    Zhan Fei Huang, K. H. Tan, S. K. Ting  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “B”

  1. Background of Drastic Change of Government Policy for Execution of Public Works of Japan to Find Ideal System In The Future (down-load PDF 84 kb)
    Kana Nishioka, Ryouko Hitotsumatsu, Keizo Baba 
  2. Beam Element For Truss Beam With Chord Members’ Elastoplastic-Buckling Behavior
    Shojiro Motoyui, Takahiro Ohtsuka 
  3. Behavior Of Expansive Concrete Under Tensile Stress Including Tension Stiffening
    Takatoshi Ishimura, Takafumi Maruyama, Akira Hosoda, Kishi Toshiharu
  4. Behavior of RC Slabs Using Short Fiber Composite Materials Under Static And Dynamic Loading
    Abo El-Wafa Mahmoud, Toshiki Ayano, Kenji Sakata 
  5. Behaviour And Design Of Inelastic Beam-Colums In Non-Sway Frames
    A.B. Abd-Rahman, P.A. Kirby, J.B. Davison 
  6. Behaviour of Butt-Welded Joints Over Cyclic Loading with Various Matchings Conditions
    Hiroko Kyuba, Yuki Fukuda, Chitoshi Miki 
  7. Behaviour of Flush End-Plate Connection Connected To Column Flange
    Mahmood Md Tahir, Mohamed S., M. A. Hussin, M. Z. M. Ghazali, A. A. Saim 
  8. Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Under Biaxial Compression (down-load PDF 782 kb)
    Dong Hwan Lim, Edward G. Nawy 
  9. Behaviour of Steel Reinforced Concrete Members with Web Openings
    Hsieh-Lung Hsu, J. -H Lee, J. L Juang 
  10. Behavioural Alternations For On-Site Safety Improvement
    Sinthawanarong Kuldej 
  11. Bond Properties Of Polymer Cement Mortar As Repair And Reinforcement Material
    Norihiko Kurihara, Seiji Takase, Katsumi Kodama, Kouichi Satoh 
  12. Bridge Condition Assessment Through Dynamic Measurements
    Brownjohn James, Yong Lu, Chip Tiong Chuai, Pilate Moyo, Pinqi Xia 
  13. Bridge Monitoring System with Fiber-Optic Communications Network (down-load PDF 115 kb)
    Yusuke Kobayashi, Chitoshi Miki 
  14. Bridge-Weigh-In-Motion System Using Stringers Of Steel Plate Girder Bridges
    Tatsuya Ojio, Kentaro Yamada, Shin Fukatsu, Naoto Kobayashi 
  15. Buckling Behavior Of Cylindrical Shell Under Axial Compression Using Lanczos Vector
    Kidu Kim, Munasinghe Sunil, W. Kanok Nukulchai 
  16. Buckling Strength of Steel Concrete Composite Columns (down-load PDF 530 kb)
    Keigo Tsuda, Naoko Kojima 
  17. Building Neurofuzzy Model For Constructibility Analysis
    S V Barai, S Nair Rajeev 
  18. Bulk Utilization Of Fly Ash As Brick Infill In High Rise Buildings
    S Basil Gnanappa, C. Umarani, J. Jebaraj  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “C”

  1. Calculating Method of Ultimate Bending Strength of Wooden Connection Using Glued-in Rod Joint System (down-load PDF 116 kb)
    Masafumi Inoue, Kei Tanaka, Osamu Sumioka, Norioki Kumazawa, Tomohiro Akita 
  2. Capturing Fragments of Project Management: Cognition Of Japanese Project Managers In International Construction Project
    Satoru Takeda, Kazumasa Ozawa 
  3. Catastrophe Risk Management – A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (down-load PDF 18 kb)
    Haresh C. Shah 
  4. Causes of Brittle Failure of RC Structures (down-load PDF 83 kb)
    Michael D. Kotsovos, A. Baka, E. Vougioukas 
  5. Causes Of Construction Accidents in The Thai Construction Industry And Their Countermeasures
    Tirachai Pipitsupaphol, Tsunemi Watanabe, Takayuki Minato, Masahiko Kunishima 
  6. Change of Bridge Responses Due To Structural Modifications
    Satorn Pengphon, Chitoshi Miki, Atsushi Ichikawa, Susumu Nagae
  7. Characteristics of Concrete Filled GFRP Composite Compression Members
    Sung Woo Lee, Sokhwan Choi, Ki Hoon Sohn 
  8. Characterization of Fine Aggregate Affecting Pressure Transferability Of Fresh Mortar In Self-Compacting Concrete
    Michiya Fukuda, Ryuji Uraoka, Masahiro Ouchi 
  9. Chemical Reactions of Carbon Dioxide Dissolved In Water On Concrete Pipes
    Ali S Zregh, Masuod G. M. Farggalla 
  10. Chloride Diffusivity of Self-Compacting Concrete With Limestone Powder
    Supakit Swatekititham, Masahiro Ouchi 
  11. Client Responsibility in Prevention Of Construction-Related Injuries In The Japanese Public Works
    Hubin Song, Takesada Iwahashi, Masahiko Kunishima 
  12. Comparative Investigation on Lightweight and Hybrid Concrete T-Beams Subjected to Cyclic Loading (down-load PDF 98 kb)
    Cecilia G. S. Lauw, Mohamad Sahari Besari 
  13. Comparison Of Different Control Algorithms For SMA Actuators
    Jianchun Li, Bijan Samali 
  14. Compressive Membrane Action In Reinforced Concrete One-Way Slabs
    Alan Hon, Geoff Taplin, Al-Mahaidi Riadh 
  15. Consideration of Complex Topography Effects On Design Wind Speeds (down-load PDF 153 kb)
    Arthur N. L. Chiu, Gregory L. F. Chiu, Sara-Jean Wadia-Fascetti 
  16. Constant-Damage Design Spectra for Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Phaiboon Panyakapo 
  17. Construction 21 – Transforming Singapore’s Construction Industry (down-load PDF 49 kb)
    Tian Chong Tan, Justin Chew 
  18. Construction Dewatering at A Dam Site Without a River
    Francis S. Schexnayder, Cliff Schexnayder 
  19. Control of Man-Induced Vibrations on A Pedestrian Bridge By Nonlinear Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers
    Nakhorn Poovarodom, Sopak Kanchanosor, Pennung Warnitchai 
  20. Crack Propagation Behavior of Butt Weld Joints Considering Location And Orientation
    Fauzri Fahimuddin, Chitoshi Miki 
  21. Crack Resistant Mechanism of Expansive Concrete With Restraining Steel
    Akira Hosoda, Kishi Toshiharu 
  22. Creative Construction Management For Further Development Of Asia
    Keizo Baba 
  23. Creep of Self-Compacting Concrete at Early Age
    Taiju Yoneda, Masaru Ueno 
  24. Cyclic Loading Test Of Bridge Pier Models Without Seismic Detailing
    Jae Kwan Kim, Ick-Hyun Kim, Hynn-Woo Lim, Jae-Ho Lee, Ji-Hoon Lee 
  25. Cyclic Responses of Lightly Reinforced RC Beam-Column Joints Under Different Loading Rates
    Chui-Hsin Chen, Ker-Chun Lin, Keh-Chyuan Tsai, Tso-Chien Pan, Rajesh Prasad Dhakal  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “D”

  1. Deceleration Measurements to Assess Effects of Moisture Content on Dynamic Deep Compaction
    Kyle M Rollins, Matthew J. Francis 
  2. Decentralized Infrastructure Development: Lessons From Thailand
    Charoenngam Chotchai, Leungbootnak Narong 
  3. Deflection Behavior of Helicoidal Stair Slab and Its Effect on Design
    Zia Wadud, S. Ahmad 
  4. Deformation Behaviours Of Concrete Under Different Stress-Temperature Paths
    Teng Hooi Tan, Xudong Shi, K. H. Tan, Zhenhai Guo 
  5. Deformational Characteristics Of Reinforced Concrete Columns With Continuous Fiber Flexible Reinforcement
    Roshan Tuladhar, Seiichiro Okubo, Yasuhiko Sato, Akia Kobayashi 
  6. Design And Construction Of Mixed Girder Bridge – Shinkawa Bridge
    Teruyuki Kimoto, Hidetsugu Mochizuki, Hirofumi Ando, Yoshihide Takada, Shin-ichi Miyachi 
  7. Design and Construction of PC Liquid Natural Gas Storage Tanks (down-load PDF 456 kb)
    Takeshi Shirasuna 
  8. Design and Construction of The Elephant Tower
    Piyawat Chaiseri, Vinai Sompornpailin 
  9. Design Method Of Seismic Absorption Of Bridge Structure
    Jian Xin Liu, Zhaotong Hu, Ziqing Li, Yongbo Yu 
  10. Design Of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Beam-Columns Under Biaxial Load
    John Zhang, Chao Min 
  11. Design of RC Pier Coping Using Strut-and-Tie Model and Superposition Principle (down-load PDF 147 kb)
    Ha-Won Song, Keun-Joo Byun, Kwang-Hoe Jung, Sang-Hyeok Nam 
  12. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures to Resist Air-Blast Effects (down-load PDF 98 kb)
    Tat Seng Lok, Guichang Yang, Shengrui Lan 
  13. Detection of Rayleigh Wave Included in Microtremors by Using Phase of H/V Spectral Ratio
    Tsutomu Sawada, Osamu Tsujihara, Atsushi Mikami 
  14. Determination of System Ductility Capacity Using Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis
    Sang-Dae Kim, Myeong-Han Kim, Sung-Jig Kim 
  15. Determining The Effect of Corrosion Defect to The Through-Life Reliability of Pipelines : A Probabilistic Approach
    Nordin Yahaya, N. Md. Noor 
  16. Developing Cost-Effective Designs of R.C Buildings for Earthquake Resistance
    Alfredo H. S. Ang, Jae-Chull Lee 
  17. Development Of An Automatic Security System For Disaster Prevention In The Internet Era
    Cheng-Ping Lin 
  18. Development Of Continuous Composite Girder Bridge By Using Thermal Prestressing Method
    Kunihiko Yamaguchi, Katsu Numata, Hisashi Nishio, Osamu Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Nakai 
  19. Development Of High Performance Fluid Damper
    Deh-Shiu Hsu, Chien Yuan Hou, Yung Feng Lee, Shang Yi Chou, Sy Yuan Lu 
  20. Diagnosis Of Incipient Damage In Steel Structures By Means Of Piezoceramic Patches
    Suresh Bhalla, C. K. Goh, K. K. -H Tseng, A.S.K. Naidu 
  21. Difficulties In Determining Design Values
    Richard Hunt, Anthony H. Bryant 
  22. Discrete Crack Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Shigehiko Saito, Hikaru Nakamura, Takeshi Higai 
  23. Discrete Element Modelling Of Shotcrete-Lined Rock Cavern Subjected To Shock Loading
    Tat Seng Lok, PengJun Zhao, Xibing Li, Chee-Hiong Lim 
  24. Driving Simulator Experiment On The Behaviour Of Automobile Drivers Under Seismic Motion
    Yoshihisa Maruyama, Fumio Yamazaki 
  25. Dynamic Analysis Of Multi-Layered Anisotropic Shallow Cylindrical Panel Under Thermal Load
    M. Shakeri, M. Eslami, A. Alibigulu 
  26. Dynamic Behavior Of A Timber Truss Bridge For Pedestrians
    Nobumitsu Fujisawa, Satoru Yagi 
  27. Dynamic Considerations In Structural Monitoring
    Gregory L. F. Chiu, Beaumont Ben, Alan P. Jeary 
  28. Dynamic Interaction Of Cable-Stayed Bridges With Moving High Speed Trains
    Jong-Dar Yau, Y.B. Yang 
  29. Dynamic Response And Failure Of RC Columns Under Vertical Ground Motion Induced By Underground Explosion
    Shijie Cui, Hong Hao, Hee Kiat Cheong 
  30. Dynamic Responses Of Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) Vehicle Considering Pathway And Guiderail Roughness
    Jae-Pil Song, Chul-Woo Kim, Ki-Bong Kim 
  31. Dynamic Responses Of The Cracked Plates Subjected To Applied Moving Loading
    Yung-Tze Chen  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “E”

  1. Effect of Bonding Methods Of The Grid Form CFRP On Strengthening A Damaged RC Slab
    Yukikazu Tsuji, Takafumi Sugiyama, Worapatt Ritthichauy 
  2. Effect Of Cathodic Protection On Post-Tensioned PC Structures
    Toshinobu Yamaguchi, Koji Takewaka, Satoshi Maeda 
  3. Effect Of Curing Temperature On Cement Paste Microstructure, Hydration Degree And Compressive Strength Development
    Herman Cahyadi Jong, Yajun Ji 
  4. Effect Of Electrode Orientation Of GMA Welding On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of G550 Structural Steel
    Yan Wang Chen, Druce Dunne, John Norrish 
  5. Effect Of Reversed Loading On Shear Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete
    Thammanoon Denpongpan, H. Shima 
  6. Effect Of The Structure Characteristices On Its Inelastic Behaviour Under Earthquake Motion
    Khairy Hassan Abdelkareem 
  7. Effect Of Two-directional Unbalanced Moments On The Punching Shear Capacity Of Flat-Plate Floor System
    Muljadi Gunawan Suwita, Paulus Irawan, Susanto Teng 
  8. Effect Of Wall Thickness And Number Of Anchors On Deformation And Internal Forces In Diaphragm Wall
    Ali Reza Rahaii, Hamid Reza Saba 
  9. Effects Of Accoustical Anisotropy Of Steel Plates On Ultrasonic Testing
    Narongsak Rattanasuwan Nnachart, Hiromi Shirahata, Chitoshi Miki 
  10. Effects Of Alkali Ions On Pozzolanic Activity Of Concrete Containing High Volume Fly Ash
    Kenji Kawai, Takaaki Matsumoto, Paweena Jariyathitipong, Ryoichi Sato 
  11. Effects Of Geometric Non-Linearity Of Structures On Response To Random Wind Loading
    Theeraphong Chanpheng, Hitoshi Yamada, Pennumg Warnitchai 
  12. EFGM : A Panacea for shear locking in Mindlin Plate Modelling
    W. Kanok-Nukulchai, W. Barry, K. Saran-Yasoontorn 
  13. Elasto-Plastic Analysis Of Shell By Rigid-Bodies Spring Model
    Kang-Geun Park 
  14. Energy-Based Damping Evaluation Of Girder Bridges
    Hiroki Yamaguchi, Hiraku Nagao, Yasunao Matsumoto 
  15. Enhanced Shear Resistance Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Without Stirrups
    Wee Teo, Muller Gerald 
  16. Enhanced Technique For 3D Nonlinear FEM Analysis Of Underground Pile Foundation
    Rajesh Prasad Dhakal, Koichi Maekawa 
  17. Estimating The Cost Of Design: The Thai Experience
    Stephen O. Ogunlana, Terdkiat Mengveha 
  18. Estimation Of Elastic Constants Of A Concrete Specimen Using Ultrasonic-Pulse Waves
    Chi-Hsing Wu, Li-Pang Wang 
  19. Estimation of Ground Motion In Singapore Due to a Great Sumatran Subduction Earthquake
    Kusnowidjaja Megawati, Tso-Chien Pan 
  20. Estimation Of Macrocell Corrosion Rate Of Rebar In Existing Concrete Structures Using Non-Destructive Tests
    Shin-ichi Miyazato, Nobuaki Otsuki, Akihiro Konogai, Jumana Swaid 
  21. Estimation Of Seismic Motion Along An Expressway Using Microtremor Observations
    Takashi Kumita, Yoshihisa Maruyama, Fumio Yamazaki, Tatsuya Hamada 
  22. Estimation Of Service Life Expectancy Of Steel Bolts With Respect To Stress Relaxation
    H.F. Qiang, Sau Cheong Fan 
  23. Evaluation Of Cracking Of Asphalt Mixtures By Acoustic Emission Method
    Takahiro Watanabe, Toshio Ohno, Osamu Fujisawa 
  24. Evaluation Of PC Continuos Girder Bridge With High Piers By Means Of Nonlinear Push-Oover Analyses
    Long Pan, Limin Sun, Lichu Fan 
  25. Evaluation Of Seismic Performance For Multistory Building Using Improved Capacity Spectrum Method
    Dong-Guen Lee, Won-Ho Choi 
  26. Evaluation Of Tendon Stress In Externally Prestressed Beams At Ultimate Flexure Limit State
    Chee Khoon Ng, Hwee Tan Kiang 
  27. Evaluation Of The Seismic Risk Of The Residential Fill Land In 1993 Kushiro-Oki Earthquake Using GIS
    Mitsuji Kazuya, Shikato Shu’nsuke, Sugimura Yoshihiro, Sasaki Kenichi 
  28. Exact Stiffness Matrix For Linear Analysis Of Composite Beams With Partial Shear Connection
    Liang-Jenq Leu, Chang-Wei Huang 
  29. Experimental Investigation On Impact Responses Of Pultruded GFRP Box Beams
    Sittichai Seangatith, Robert L. Yuan 
  30. Experimental Investigation On Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Beam Subjected To Bi-Axial Shear
    Chayanon Hansapinyo, Taweep Chaisomphob, Koichi Maekawa, Amorn Pimanmas 
  31. Experimental Investigations Of The Use Of Expansive Concrete In RC Members
    Supratic Gupta, Yukikazu Tsuji, Masayoshi Harada 
  32. Experimental Studies On Dependence Of Long-Term Cracks Of Concrete Members On Concrete Strength
    Nour-Allah Mohamed Hussein, Takuya Kondo, Kenji Kawai, Ryoichi Sato 
  33. Experimental Study On A Joint System Of Steel Truss Web In Prestressed Concrete Composite Bridges
    Akio Shoji, Kyoji Niitani, Shinji Muroi, Tadayuki Noro 
  34. Experimental Study On Elastic-Plastic Behavior Of Steel Reinforced Concrete Beam-Columns
    Li Li, J. Sakai, Chiaki Matsui 
  35. Experimental Testing And Numerical Modelling Of The Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement Cyclic Behaviour
    Luis Calado, João Ferreira, Branco F. 
  36. Experimental Tests For Determination Of The Effect Of Natural Ageng Of The 31 Year Old Rubber Bearings
    Mihail Garevski, James Kelly 
  37. Experiments On Continuous Composite Beams With Precast Decks
    Chang-Su Shim, Pilgoo Lee, HyungKeun Ryu, SungPil Chang 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “F”

  1. Factors Affecting Selection Of Subcontractors And Suppliers By Main Contractors In Singapore
    Seng Kiong Ting, Yuqing Xu 
  2. Factors In Sinking Of Coarse Aggregate Particles In Self-Compacting Concrete
    Horoyuki Akasaki, Takeshi Hara, Masahiro Ouchi 
  3. Fatigue Assessment Of Signal And Lighting Poles On Elevated Highway Bridges
    Yamada Kentaro, Ojio Tatsuya, Sungfun Lee, Morita Toshiki 
  4. Fatigue Behavior Of Butt-Welded Joints Containing Lack-Of-Penetration Inclined To Applied Stresses
    In-Tae Kim, Kentaro Yamada, Hidemasa Shinkai, Akimasa Kondo 
  5. Fatigue Durability Of A New Joint For Precast R.C Slabs
    Katashi Fuji, Yasunori Nakamo, Kunihiko Togawa 
  6. Fatigue Loading Effect On The Concrete Bridge Deck Specimen Strengthened By Carbon Fiber Sheet
    Jongsung Sim, Jae-Won Shim, Hong-Seob Oh, Kwang-Myong Lee3 Lee 
  7. Fatigue Strength Behaviour Of Prefabricated Composite-Slab With Steel Form Plate Stiffened By Bar-Trusses(TRC-SLAB)
    Nakagawa Toshiyuki, Izawa Mamoru, Abe Yukio 
  8. Fatigue Strength of High Strength Bolted Tensile Joints For Prefabricated Composite-Slab and Charactersitics On the Shear Strength
    Izawa Mamoru, Nakagawa Toshiyuki, Abe Yukio 
  9. Fault-Tree Monte-Carlo Simulation Of System Reliability Of Large And Complex Structure
    Hong Fu Qiang, Sau Cheong Fan 
  10. FEM Analysis of Tension Behavior of Reinforced Concrete After Cracking (down-load PDF 83 kb)
    Yasushi Tanaka, Xuehui An 
  11. Field Test On The R.C. Buildings Strengthened With Carbon & Glass Fiber Sheets
    Hee-Kyu Kim, Young-Kyun Hong, Gi-Suop Hong, Yeong-Soo Shin, Cha-Don Lee 
  12. Fire resistance of RC columns
    Kang Hai Tan, Y. Yao 
  13. First Results Obtained By The Use Of An Innovative Testing Equipment For The Insitu Stress Measurement Of The Existing Masonries
    Laura Anania, Antonio Badala 
  14. Flexure-Shear Model For Prevention Of Diagonal Failures In Beams Made With High Strength Concrete
    Mohamed M. Ziara, David Haldane 
  15. Fly Ash Bricks : From Wastes To Resources
    Andreas Nataatmadja, Matthew Chester, Sam Fragomeni 
  16. Fly Ash Stabilisation Of A Highly Expansive Clay
    Andreas Nataatmadja, Adam Coles 
  17. Formulas For Vibration Period Of RC Buildings In Taiwan Derived From Ambient Vibration Data
    Liang-Jenq Leu, Chuen-Yu Liu, Chang-Wei Huang, Jiun-Jie Chou, Ja-Haw Lee, Shaing-Hai Yeh 
  18. Free Vibration of Cracked Plates Using The Finite Strip Method
    Jackson Kong, W.L. Cleghorn 
  19. Future of Displacement-Based Seismic Design in The South-East Asia Region (down-load PDF 71 kb)
    Duc Tuan Ngo, G.H. Kusuma, N.T.K. Lam, J.L. Wilson, Pennumg Warnitchai, A.M. Chandler 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “G”

  1. Genetic Algorithms Assessment of Minor Axis Semi-Rigid Connections (down-load PDF 212 kb)
    Luciano R. O. de Lima, Marco A.C. Pacheco, Sebastiao A. L. de Andrade, Pedro Colmar Goncalves da Silva Vellasco 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “H”

  1. Human Dynamics and Floor Vibrations (down-load PDF 50 kb)
    Brownjohn James, X. Zheng 
  2. Hydroelastic Vibration Of Multiple Cylindrical Shells Coupled With Fluid
    Kyeong-Hoon Jeong, Gyu-Mahn Lee, Keun-Bae Park  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “I”

  1. Identification Of Non-Linear Soil Properties During The 1995 Kobe Earthquake
    Atsushi Mikami, Tsutomu Sawada, Mitsuru Shinohara 
  2. Impact Coefficient Of RC Deck Slabs Of Plate Girder Bridge Using RMS Values Of Random Responses From Simulation
    Chul-Woo Kim, Mitsuo Kawatani 
  3. In-Plane Analysis Of Composite Frames Subjected To Lateral Loads
    Hing Yip Loh, Brian UY, Mark Bradford 
  4. In-Situ Failure Test Of 30 Year-Old Post-Tensioned Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge
    Byung Hwan Oh, Kwang Soo Kim, Young Lew 
  5. Inelastic Analysis Of Coupled Torsional-Lateral Responses Of Building Structures To Bi-Directional Spatial Earthquake Ground Motions
    Hong Hao, L. Gong 
  6. Inelastic Behavior Of 2-Story 2-Bay Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Under Pushover And Cyclic Loading Test
    Sug Chang Jeong, Sang-Dae Kim 
  7. Inelastic Dynamic Response Of Eccentric-K And Eccentric-X Braced Buildings To Earthquakes
    Guan-Chyun Shiah 
  8. Inelastic Mode Decomposition Of Seismic Responses Of MDOF Wall Buildings
    Chanet Sangarayakul, Pennung Warnitchai 
  9. Inelastic Response And Damage Indices Of R.C Wide-Column Frame Buildings In Regions Of Low And Moderate Seismicity
    Yiming Wu, Bing Li, Tso-Chien Pan 
  10. Influence Of Construction Defects On Mechanical Properties Of Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Koji Takewaka, Teerachai Neamhlong 
  11. Influence of Mae Moh fly ash fineness on the charateristics, strength and drying shrinkage development of blended cement
    Prinya Chindaprasirt, S. Ruangsiriyakul, H.T. Cao, L. Bucea 
  12. Influence Of Surface Moisture Of Sand On Fluidity Of Fresh Mortar
    Makoto Hibino, Kazuhiro Morita, Kyuichi Maruyama 
  13. Influence Of Vertical Excursion Of Mooring Lines On The Dynamic Analysis Of Offshore Spar Platforms
    Amit Kumar Agarwal, A.K. Jain 
  14. Information Sharing System For Structural Steel Experiments Under The Distributed Collaboration Environment
    Yoshito Itoh, Hiroshi Wazaki, Takahiro Ishiyama 
  15. Information System Of Construction Progress Measurement And Control Using Earned Value Concept
    Kamolwan Lueprasert, Bundit Techasansiri, Pasit Lorterapong 
  16. Infrastructure Investment Decisions – Issues Surrounding The Use Of Financial Analysis
    Colin F. Duffield, Graham L. Hutchinson 
  17. Innovative Solutions in Structural and Construction Engineering (down-load PDF 713 kb)
    Seng-Lip Lee, Somsak Swaddiwudhipong 
  18. Integrated Optimization Of Piezoelectric Patches For Vibration Control Of Smart Structures Using Genetic Algorithms
    Yaowen Yang, Chee Kiong Soh, Zhanli Jin 
  19. Intelligent Control Of Structural Vibration Using CMAC
    Sang-Won Cho, Dong-Hyawn Kim, In-Won Lee 
  20. Interdependency Between Overall Structural Damage Indices Of Buildings And Seismic Acceleration Parameters
    A. Elenas 
  21. Investigating Landslide Hazards Along A Railway Route
    Robin Chowdhury, Chit Ko Ko, Phil Flentje 
  22. Investigation Of Damping In High-Strength Prestressed Concrete Beams
    Angela Salzmann, S. Fragomeni, Y. C. Loo 
  23. Investigation On The Cement Replacement By Coal Ash In Producing Self-Compacting Concrete
    Truong Thi Hong Thuy, Nguyen Thien Rue 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “L”

  1. Lateral Buckling Load Of Tied-Arch Bridges With Tranverse Braces
    Zhao Liu, Zhitao Lu 
  2. Lateral Dynamic Testing Of Full Scale Single Piles
    Boominathan A, Elango J, Ayothiraman R 
  3. Latest Design Method For Upgrading Of Concrete Structures In Japan – JSCE Guidelines
    Tamon Ueda, Takumi Shimomura, Kyuichi Maruyama 
  4. Learning/Forgetting Curve Effects In Predicting Future Performance
    Swapan Kumar Saha 
  5. Legal Issues Of E-Procurement For Construction Projects
    Hwee Yi Wong, Seng Kiong Ting 
  6. Lessons From Discontinue of Deep Excavation Work for The Multi Level Basement (Due to Economic Crisis) By Looking at The Alternative Basement Construction Method with Down Ward Construction System (down-load PDF 114 kb)
    Hardjasaputra Harianto 
  7. Light Weight Stone Arch Bridge In Hunan, China
    Li Cheng Xu, Yi Yu, Shangguan Xing, Guoqiang Li 
  8. Loading Tests And Analysis Of Curved Two-Girder Bridges With Lateral Bracings
    Hideyuki Hirasawa, Toshiro Hayashi kawa, Koichi Sato 
  9. Low Heat Concrete Using Ungrounded Rice Husk Ash
    T. H. Cherdphong, Burachat Chatveera, Boon Witchayangkoon 
  10. Lumped Parameter Model Of Transmitting Boundary For The Time Domain Analysis Of Dam-Reservoir System
    Jae Kwan Kim, Jin Ho Lee, Jeong Rae Cho  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “M”

  1. Mark-Up For Bidding Price In Thai Public Construction Projects
    Tsunemi Watanabe, Sumet Luetrakul 
  2. Measurement Of Concrete Surface By 3D-Optic System
    Masahiko Nakamura, Hiroshi Matsuda, Akira Yamamoto, Kazuo Ichimiya 
  3. Measures To Popularize Green Building In Japan
    Yuka Kira, Tsunemi Watanabe 
  4. Measuring Client Satisfaction In The Engineering Consulting Industry In Hong Kong
    Siu-Lam Tang, Y. L. Chan 
  5. Mechanical Properties Of Structural Lightweight Concrete
    Yasushi Shimuzu 
  6. Microstructural Behaviour In Relation To Chloride Ingress And Water Movement In Concrete
    Sook-Fun Wong, Tiong-Huan Wee, Somsak Swaddiwudhipong, Seng-Lip Lee 
  7. Minimum Torsional Reinforcement Of Reinforced Concrete And Prestressed Concrete Beams
    I-Kuang Fang, Hau-Ran Chiou, Jyh-Kun Shiau 
  8. Mitigation Of Construction Noise Nuisances
    Cliff Schexnayder 
  9. Modal Coupling Vibration Of Plate-Girder Bridges With Thin-Walled Cross Section
    Toshiro Hayashi kawa, Yoshitaka Matsui, Tsutomu Kitajima 
  10. Model For Predicting Compressive Strength Of Fly Ash Concrete From Fly Ash Fineness
    Chai Jaturapitakkul, Smith Songpiriyakij, Methi Wecharatana 
  11. Modeling Of Hysteresis Rule Of Reinforced Concrete Structure Considering Strength Degradation Due To Cyclic Loading
    Hisashi Umemura, Makoto Iyoshi, Atsuyuki Matsuzawa, Toshikatsu Ichinose 
  12. Modelling Of Multi-Axial Restoring Force Characteristics Of R/C Columns By Using The Plastic Theory
    Koshiro Nishimura, Katsuki Takiguchi 
  13. Modelling Of R.C Beams Strengthened With FRP Laminate Using Interface Element
    S.P. Chiew, Qin Sun 
  14. Modified Linear Quadratic Regulator For Semi-Active Stiffness Damper
    Sri Lily Djajakesukma, Bijan Samali, Nguyen Hung 
  15. Modified Sturm Sequence Property For Damped Systems
    Ji-Seong Jo, Man-Gi Ko, In-Won Lee 
  16. Modular Neural Network With Application In Concrete Modeling
    Zhiye Zhao, L. Ren 
  17. Multi-Level Integrated Analysis Of Highly Confined Concrete
    Ha-Won Song, Keun-Joo Byun, Jang-Ho Jay Kim, Jae-Hyeok Choi, Sung-Jun Kwon  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “N”

  1. Neural Networks In Genetic Algorithms For Structural Design Optimization
    Pruettha Nankorn, Yupaporn Thanyakriengkrai 
  2. New Attachment Device of Post-Tensioning for Full Size Scale Space Truss
    Jin-Woo Kim, Ji-ping Hao, Kang-Woon Lee 
  3. New Design Method for PSC Girder with Incremental Prestress (down-load PDF 396 kb)
    Man Yop Han, E.S. Hwang, K.S. Yun, W.Y. Jung 
  4. Nonlinear Analysis of Transmission Tower Structures (down-load PDF 457 kb)
    F. Albermani, S. Kitipornchai 
  5. Nonlinear Analysis On Interaction Of Soil-Pile Fundation Under Strong Earthquake
    Limin Sun, Yozo Goto 
  6. Nonlinear Behaviour Of Continuous Curved Viaduct System Under Great Earthquake Ground Motions
    Toshiro Hayashi kawa, Tomoyuki Ogishima, Masaaki Sano 
  7. Nonlinear Flexural Behaviour Of Reinforced Normal- And High-Strength Concrete Beams
    A.K.H Kwan, J.C.M. Ho, H.J. Pam 
  8. Nonlinear Response Of Structures To Earthquake Ground Excitations Including P-Delta
    Shalva Marjanishvili 
  9. Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis Procedures Considering Higher Mode Effects (down-load PDF 141 kb)
    Fides Suzanne Fuentes, Yuki Sakai, Toshimi Kabeyasawa 
  10. Numerical Analyses On Of Steel And Aluminium Alloy Bridge Guard Fences
    Yoshito Itoh, K. Usami, Ryuichi Kusama, S. Kainuma 
  11. Numerical Analysis Of Responses Of A Random Soil Site Subjected To Far Field Earthquake Excitations
    Sheng Wang, Hong Hao 
  12. Numerical Investigation On Edge Column-Slab Connections With Stud Shear Reinforcement
    Guan Hong, Y. C. Loo 
  13. Numerical Simulation On Cohesive Crack Propagation And Failure Assessment Of Concrete Tunnels
    Tianzhi Chen, Zhishen Wu 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “O”

  1. Object-Relational Database For Structural Design Information Of Buildings
    Chee Kyeong Kim, Yeong Min Kim, Sung Mok Hong 
  2. On Development of Road Management System for Real-Time Seismic Disaster Mitigation (down-load PDF 251 kb)
    Atsushi Mori, Ryoichi Fujita, Yoshiharu Mizugami, Yoshinori Igase 
  3. On Pile Inelastic Seismic Response: Effects Of Superstructured Characteristics, Soil Profile And Vertical Excitation
    Jorge Shimabuku, Hirokazu Takemiya 
  4. On The Reinforcements Around a Manhole in Steel Bridge Box-Pier For Seismic Resistance
    Masaki Nakamura, Katashi Fuji, Seiya Hikino, Minoru Uenoya 
  5. OpenSteel: A Program for Inelastic Buckling Analysis of Open-Section Frames
    Yu-Hur Chou, Shang Hsien Hsieh 
  6. Optimal Control of Continuous Systems with Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Feedback
    Fayaz Rahimzadeh Rofooei, Mphammad R. Shadnam 
  7. Optimal Shape of Liquid Container for TLD Vibration Control of Structures
    Soga Mitsuhiro, Aoki Takayoshi, Alessandro de Stefano, Miyamura Atsunori 
  8. Optimization of Construction Logistics Using AI-based Heuristic Asset Management Tools
    M.D Salim, Marc A. Timmerman 
  9. Optimum Suspension Bridge Configuration Against Flutter and Construction Cost
    Toshio Miyata, Hitoshi Yamada, Hiroshi Katsuchi, Made Suangga 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “P”

  1. Paradigms, Tools and Techniques for Structural Engineering Software (down-load PDF 59 kb)
    Naveed Anwar, W. Kanok Nukulchai 
  2. Parallel Computation Of Large Displacement Analysis Of Inelastic Structures
    Yaw-Jeng Chiou, Pang-An Hsiao, Ying-Yi Wu 
  3. Parallel Pseudo-Dynamic Seismic Loading Test On Elevated Bridge System Through The Internet
    Eiichi Watanabe, Toshiyuki Kitada, Kunitomo Sugiura, Kazutoshi Nagata 
  4. Parametric Study And Design Formula For RC Beams Strengthened In Shear With Web-Bonded Steel Plates
    Bimal Babu Adhikary, Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi 
  5. Peak Gust Pressures Acting On Low-Rise Building Roofs
    Yasushi Uematsu 
  6. Performance Of The Model For Predicting Strength Development Of Fly Ash Concrete
    Muhammad Akram Tahir, Nimityongskul Pichai 
  7. Petrographic Examination Of Concrete As A Tool In Structural And Concrete Investigation; Singapore Experience
    Chung Wan Wong, H.F. Chen, K.Y.P. Tay 
  8. Phosphogypsum Concrete: Engineering And Near Surface Absorption Properties
    Thatchavee Leelawat 
  9. Predicting Deflection Of Irregular Flat-Plate Floors
    Tavio, Susanto Teng 
  10. Predicting The Compressibility Of Fine-Rained Soils With Index Properties – A Multivariate Regression Approach
    Man Keong Sam 
  11. Predicting Ultimate Strength Of Stiffened Steel Stub Columns
    Kazuhisa Niwa, Ichizou Mikami 
  12. Prediction Of Transfer Lengths In Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Members
    Byung Hwan Oh, Eui Sung Kim, Kwang Soo Kim 
  13. Prediction On Performance Variance Of Concrete Structures Due To Steel Corrosion
    Kailin Hsu, Tsuyoshi Maruya, Hitoshi Takeda 
  14. Preliminary Development of Model for Assessment of Default Risks in Project Finance
    Dequan Kong, Robert L. K. Tiong 
  15. Preliminary Seismic Design Procedure For Steel Moment Frames Based On Expected Post-Yield Deformation
    Sutat Leelataviwat 
  16. Pressure Amplification On Buried Structures Due To Transient Dynamic Loading
    S. Anand, E.C. Leong, H.K. Cheong, C.H. Lim 
  17. Prestressing Of Steel Beam Using High Strength Steel Plate
    Masahiro Sakano, Hironori Namiki, Noriyo Horikawa, Sigeru Yamamoto, Yohei Osakada 
  18. Proposed Equations To Determine The Horizontal Shear In Concrete Composite Members
    Mitchell Gohnert 
  19. Pseudo-Dynamic Test For Circular RC Bridge Piers Strengthened With Fibers
    YoungSoo Chung, J.H. Park, H.S. Park 
  20. Pseudo-Dynamic Test Of Concrete-Filled Steel Piers
    Jinhwan Seo, Changbin Joh, Sung-Pil Chang 
  21. Punching Shear In Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs With Shear Reinforcement
    Ronaldo B. Gomes, Alessandra Luciano Carvalho 
  22. Punching Strength Of 14-Column Flat-Plate Floor Specimen
    Jianzeng Geng, Susanto Teng, Hee Kiat Cheong

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “Q”

  1. Quality Management Practice : Study Of Project Time Management Of Japanese Contractor In Thailand
    Jirapong Pipattanapiwong, Tsunemi Watanabe 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “R”

  1. Rational Combination of Safety Factors to Cables, Hangers and Towers in a 3000-Meter Super Long-Span Suspension Bridge (down-load PDF 668 kb)
    Kuniei Nogami, T. Nakanishi, M. Nagai 
  2. Recompacting Of Concrete Under The Conditions Of Hot-Humid Climate In Vietnam
    Nguyen Tien Dich 
  3. Recycled Aggregate Concrete A New Material For Construction
    Rathish Kumar 
  4. Redundancy Index For Network Systems
    Kinya Yamamoto, Masaru Hoshiya, Hario Ohno 
  5. Rehabilitation Of Shear Failure Type R/C Columns With Ferrocement Jackets
    Abdullah , Manabu Takehara, Katsuki Takiguchi 
  6. Relationship Between New JMA Instrumental Seismic Intensity And Other Strong Motion Indices
    Kazi Rezaul Karim, Fumio Yamazaki 
  7. Reliability Analysis Of A Collapsed Composite Girder Bridge During Demolition
    Katsutoshi Ohdo, Shigeo Hanayasu, Yasumichi Hino 
  8. Research On Fatigue Property Of Epoxy Asphalt Surfacing For Steel Deck
    Wei Huang, Zhendong Qian, Qing Lu 
  9. Research On Fusing Aerodynamic Design And Structural Design Of A Long-Span Bridge
    Yoshinobu Kubo, Kensuke Sadashima, Yuzo Okamoto, Kichiro Kimura, Eiki Yamaguchi, Kusuo Kato 
  10. Research On Thickness Of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck Surfacing
    Zhendong Qian, Wei Huang, Quan Mao 
  11. Resistance To Drying Shrinkage Crack In Self-Compacting Concrete
    Yoshinobu Ohno, Hiroshi Shima 
  12. Response Control Structure With Oil Damper Bracing System – Volume 2 Vibration Test And Long Term Observation
    Osamu Takahashi, Toshihumi Okuzono, Yukimori Yanagawa 
  13. Retrofitting Effects Of Reinforced Concrete (R.C) Beams With Corroded Reinforcement
    So-Jin Lee, Yeong-Soo Shin, Geon-Ho Hong 
  14. Review Of Falsework Failure Reports
    S. W. Poon 
  15. Rocking Of RC Wall And Its Effects On Wall-Frame Response
    Yong Lu 
  16. Role of Engineers to Improve The Quality of Concrete Structures (down-load PDF 114 kb)
    Taketo Uomoto, Sudhir Misra  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “S”

  1. Seismic Design Parameters For Nonstructural Elements In Buildings (down-load PDF 101 kb)
    George C Yao, Y. Y. Chiu 
  2. Seismic Performance Of Existing School Buildings In A Local City In Japan
    Sakamaki Kenta, Masaya Hirosawa, Yasushi Shimizu 
  3. Seismic Performance Of Tuned Mass Dampers Control For Structures
    Lin Liu, Guiping Yan, Ying-jun Chen 
  4. Seismic Performance of Wooden Frames with Bamboo Brace (down-load PDF 343 kb)
    Masafumi Inoue, Kei Tanaka, Osamu Sumioka, Toyohiro Egawa, Hiromitsu Watanabe, Toshiyuki Yoshioka 
  5. Seismic Protection Of Structures By Viscoelastic Elements
    Peter Nawrotzki 
  6. Seismic Response Of Beam To Box-Column Connections Using External Stiffener
    Jinan Chung, Soonjo Chang, Junich. Kimura, Chiaki Matsui 
  7. Seismic Response Of Multi-Span Simlpy Supported Bridges To A Spatially Varying Earthquake Ground Motion
    Giovanna Zanardo, Hong Hao, Claudio Modena 
  8. Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis Of Pile-Supported Bridges
    Wanchalearm Kornkasem, Douglas A. Foutch 
  9. Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of Medium-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures Due To Long Distance Earthquakes
    Neng Fu Tao, Yuen Soo Yoong, Brownjohn James 
  10. Semi-Active Structural Control For Seismic Response Using MR Dampers
    Xiaosong Ren, Zhixin Xu 
  11. Shaking Table Test Of A Full Scale Model Of A Five-Storey Stone Pagoda
    Jae Kwan Kim, Hyeuk Ryu, Jong Rim Lee 
  12. Shanghai Fengpu Bridge Design Features And Engineering Practices
    Jian Li 
  13. Shear Behavior Of Large Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
    Guohua Cheng, K. H. Tan, H.K. Cheong 
  14. Shear Behavior Of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders
    Byung Hwan Oh, Su Man Kim, Kwang Soo Kim 
  15. Shear Failure Analysis Of RC Beams By Using Generic Tension Stiffening Model Of Concrete
    Masoud Mohammad, Xuehui An 
  16. Shear Failure And FE Analysis Of Large RC Beams With High Strength Concrete
    Satoshi Tsuchiya, Koichi Maekawa 
  17. Shear Failure Of Pre-Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beam
    Amorn Pimanmas, Koichi Maekawa 
  18. Shock Absorber Combining Rubber With Steel Pipes
    Minagawa Masaru, Takeshi Tohya, Taichi Takasaki, Yashuo Satoh 
  19. Simulation Of Building Earthquake Responses By Simplified Model
    Kangning Li, Xianguo Ye, Xilin Lu, Tetsuo Kubo 
  20. Singapore’s Deep Tunnel Sewerage System – Planning for the Future (down-load PDF 479 kb)
    Kok Meng Chiang 
  21. Site Response Characteristics Of Seismic Stations In Japan Based On Microtremor Observation And Strong Motion Records
    Jun Saita, Masahi Matsuoka, Fumio Yamazaki, Khosrow T. Shabestari 
  22. Size Effects In Beams With Small Shear Span-To-Depth Ratios
    Michael D. Kotsovos, Milija N. Pavlovic 
  23. Sliding Mode Control Of Five Storey Benchmark Model With A Magnetorheological (MR) Damper
    Jianchun Li, Bijan Samali 
  24. Static And Dynamic Analysis Of Symmetrical Multi-Story Plane Frame Structures Using Equivalent Beam Theories
    Kraiwood Kiattikomol, Somchai Chucheepsakul, Sathian Charoenrien, Yos Sompornjaroensuk 
  25. Static And Impact Tests On Cantilever Type Rock-Shed Of PC-Beam With CFT-Compression-Reinforcements
    Koji Maegawa, Masanori Shiomi, Kiyotake Ohmori, Hiroshi Yoshida 
  26. Strategies For Bridge Performance And Health Monitoring
    James Brownjohn, P. Moyo, B.L Tan, S.C Tjin, Y. Wang, S.C Fang 
  27. Strength And Deformation Characteristics Of Coronous Material Of Papua New Guinea
    Anil K. Aggarwal, P.T. Oai 
  28. Strength Of Strengthened R.C. Columns
    Muhammad Akram Tahir, Pichai Nimityongskul 
  29. Strength Potential Of Concrete Hollow Block Masonry Infill In Tall Buildings
    S Basil Gnanappa, C. Umarani, J. Jebaraj 
  30. Strength Tests On Slender Reinforced Concrete Walls In One And Two-Way Action
    Jeung-Hwan Doh, Sam Fragomeni, Yew-Chaye Loo 
  31. Stress And Displacement Analysis Of Impeller Blade Using Finite Element Method
    Guan Hong, V. H. Wong, B. Kirke 
  32. Stress Concentration Factors For A Two-Phase Composite With Imperfect Interfaces
    Anil C. Wijeyewickrema, Elizer S. Abrea, Piya Poonsawat 
  33. Structural Characteristics Of Steel Bridges With Simple Stiffening Systems
    Eiki Yamaguchi, Masatsugu Nagai, Kazuhiro Harada, Yutaro Nagao, Yoshinobu Kubo, Taweep Chaisomphob, Chartree Lertsima 
  34. Structural Response To High Frequency And Short Duration Impulsive Ground Motions
    Rajesh Prasad Dhakal, Tso-Chien Pan, Shengrui Lan 
  35. Study Of RC Beams Subjected To Corrosion Of Shear Reinforcement
    Kukrit Thong, Xuehui An 
  36. Study Of The Substructural Joint Method Of Burring H-Shaped Steel Column Directly Into CFT Pile
    Jun-ichi Takaki, Ikuo Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki Odajima 
  37. Study On Active Vibration Control Of Cable Structure By Using Adjustable Stiffness System
    Yasunori Miyamori, Takashi Obata, Toshiro Hayashi kawa, Koichi Sato 
  38. Study On Applicability Of New Management System For Development And Conservation Of Urado Bay Aria
    Noriko Kawazoe, Natsumi Matsugi, Tomoyuki Todoroki 
  39. Study On FEM Based Bridge Design For Continuous Composite Girder Bridges
    Tetsuya Yamasawa, Kuniei Nogami, Chitoshi Miki 
  40. Study On Identification Of Human Walking Model Based On Dynamic Response Characteristics Of Pedestrian Bridges
    Yasunori Miyamori, Takashi Obata, Toshiro Hayashi kawa, Koichi Sato 
  41. Study On The Strength Of New Type Smart Truss Gusset
    Tetsuya Hosaka, Akira Isoe, Koichi Sakugawa, Nobutoshi Masuda 
  42. Super Dense Seismic Monitoring And Early Damage Assessment For A City Gas Network In Japan
    Fumio Yamazaki, Yoshihisa Shimizu, Wataru Nakayama, Ken’ich Koganemaru, Eisuke Ishida, Ryoji Isoyama 
  43. Synthesizing Earthquake Records With A Nonstationary Kanai-Tajimi Model
    Fayaz R. Rofooei, Alireza A. Mobarake  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “T”

  1. Technical Delay Factors Influencing High-Rise Building Construction In Thailand
    Wutthipong Moungnoi, C. Charoenngam 
  2. The Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Slabs And Beams Strengthened Using Carbon Fibre
    Niall Francis Macalevey, Toong Khuan Chan, Simon Loh 
  3. The Characteristics And Pozzolanic Activity Of Waste Catalysts From Oil Company
    Kung-Chung Hsu, Hsiu-Liang Chen, Yun-Sheng Tseng 
  4. The China-Italy Joint Research For The Application Of New Technologes For Seismic Protection Of Civil Constructions (down-load PDF 260 kb)
    Marco Mezzi, Jun Liu Jia, Alberto Parducci, Lin Su Yin 
  5. The Design Of Spring Supported Floor For Rotary Printing Presses
    Jiunn-Ming Lin, Kun-Sung Chen, Huat-Yoo Chua 
  6. The Effect Of A Slab On The Behaviour Of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-Column Joints
    Hai Yang Tan, Bing Li, Tso-Chien Pan 
  7. The Effect Of High Temperature On Pull-Out Strength Of A Cast-In-Place Anchor Bolt In Concrete
    Jun Hashimoto, Katsuki Takiguchi 
  8. The Effect of LWC Flanges and Web Opening on The Torsional Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Deep T-Beams (down-load PDF 179 kb)
    Ade Lisantono, Mohamad Sahari Besari, Ridwan Suhud, Biemo W. Soemardi 
  9. The Effect Of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures On The Drying Shrinkage And Compressive And Tensile Strength Of Normal, Medium And High Strength Concrete
    Fred Loadwick, Martin Mulder 
  10. The Effective Evaluative Method For The Compressive Strength Of Concrete
    Wen-Pei Sung, Kuen-Suan Chen, Cheer Germ Go 
  11. The Endochronic Model For Reinforced Concrete Column
    Jun-Kai Lu, Min-tung Tow, Cheng Chen 
  12. The Enriched Partition-Of-Unity Finite-Element Methods For Stree-Intensity Factors Computations
    Xin Liu, Sau Cheong Fan, CK Lee 
  13. The Experimental Investigation Of Triaxial Behaviour Of Concrete Under Cyclic Loading
    Teng Hooi Tan, H K Cheong, Ouer Hu 
  14. The Method And Related Tests Of Making High Performance Concrete
    I-Kuang Fang, Sheng-Ming Wang, Cheng-Feng Chang 
  15. The Nature Of The Construction Industry In Korea And The Changes Required To Cope With Recent Difficulties
    Hee-Jin Kim, Keizo Baba 
  16. The Required Capacity of Buildings in Singapore to Resist Long Distance Earthquakes (down-load PDF 231 kb)
    T Balendra, N.T.K Lam, J.L. Wilson 
  17. The Resistance Of Mortarless Earth Block Walling Systems To Lateral Loading
    Herbert. C. Uzoegbo, M. Coetzee 
  18. The Response Characteristics Of Pushover Analysis With Variations In The Upper Stories Of The Multi-Purpose Building Structures
    Dae-Han Jun, Pyeong doo Kang, Jae ung Kim 
  19. The Role And Responsibility Of The Concessionaire Under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Contracts
    Cheng-Ping Lin 
  20. The Seismic Threat Posed by Faults in Sumatra to Singapore and Its Neighbors (down-load PDF 323 kb)
    Kerry Sieh, Danny Natawidjaja 
  21. The Ultimate Resistance Of Jacking Walls
    Ahmed Shawky Abdel Aziz 
  22. The Ultimate Strength And Its Behaviour Of Partially Earth-Anchored Cable-Stayed Bridges
    Hidetaka Iwasaki, Kuniei Nogami, Masatsugu Nagai 
  23. The Use Of Cement Composites In Structural Applications
    João Ferreira, Calado L., Branco F. 
  24. The Use Of Design And Build Contracting And Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme In Hong Kong
    Siu-Lam Tang, S.K. Ho 
  25. Torsional Problems And Steel Beam End Conditions
    Alvin Masarira 
  26. Towards A Reliable Structural Health Monitoring By Laser Doppler Vibrometers
    Masato Abe, Vu-Manh Hong, Yozo Fujino 
  27. Trade-Off Effect Of The Knit-Structural Parameters On The Tensile And Impact Strength Of Weft-Knitted Textile Composites
    Omar Anwar Khondker 
  28. Two Way Earthquake Response Analysis For RC Frame Consisting Of An Independent Bearing Wall And An Ordinary R.C. Frame
    Hisato Hotta, Mana Nagao

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “U”

  1. Ultimate Behavior Of Composite Girder With Perforated Rib Shear Connectors
    Katashi Fuji, Nobutoshi Fujimura, Masami Nakazono 
  2. Urban Design And Town Management For Sustainable Cities In Japan
    Masanori Tozaki, Takeshi Yamamoto, Eiji Otani 
  3. Utilization Of Bottom Ash As A Pozzolanic Material
    Chai Jaturapitakkul, Raungrut Cheerarot 
  4. UTSS and Plastic Damage Models for Reinforced Concrete Beams (down-load PDF 125 kb)
    X.Q Zhou, Sau Cheong Fan 

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “V”

  1. Vertical Vibrations Of An Elastic Plate In A Poroelastic Medium
    Teerapong Senjuntichai, Yasothorn Sapsathiarn 
  2. Vibration Suppression of a 90-m-tall Steel Stack by Using a High-Damping Tuned Mass Damper
    Natthapong Areemit, Pennung Warnitchai 
  3. Viewing The Project Through Their Eyes: An Argumentative Methodology for Consensus Building in Construction Projects for Infrastructure Development
    Masahide Horita  

Judul yang dimulai dengan Abjad “W”

  1. Wind-Induced Buffeting Control Of Long-Span Bridges Using Active Tuned Mass Dampers (ATMD)
    Lin Liu, Guiping Yan, Qing-shan Yang  

Catatan : karena begitu berjibun, maka yang bisa di down-load hanya materi-materi yang menurut saya cukup menarik dahulu. Jika ada yang perlu didahulukan untuk di up-load agar bisa di down-load silahkan tulis komentar di bawah dan alasan menariknya apa ? OK

17 thoughts on “prosiding EACEC Singapore 2001

  1. Wah..wah..wah.. bakal jadi tambah keyen blog Pa Wir ini..

    Kalo sekarang orang Indonesia sedang gandrung dengan Tukul Arwana… (Ntar juga bosen!)

    Tapi di kalangan civil engineer (structure engineer) di Indonesia sedang gandrung dengan Pa Wiryanto Dewobroto….. (Kaga bakal bosenin! Percaya deh ama Tuhan…)

    Saya dukung usaha dan kerja keras pa Wir yang sangat aktif meningkatkan pengetahuan civil engineer di Indonesia.



  2. To Ary….
    kalo gak salah anda bisa XSteel ya…..
    saya sedang mempelajari program ini tap sepertinya kalo otodidak sulit ya……buku-bukunya pun tidak ada di pasaran……..anda punya tidak literaturnya/tutorial/buku ajarnya…..
    kalau ada bisa di share gak ya…..thanks….

  3. Pak, saya ada beberapa pertanyaan lagi, mudah2an Bapak berkenan menjawab:

    1. Pada SNI gempa dikatakan untuk analisa respon spektrum, ordinatnya dikalikan dengan faktor pengali I/R. Apakah ini berarti input Ca pada program etabs dikalikan dengan I/R?

    2. Dikatakan juga untuk periode getar yang berdekatan ( 0.8 V1. ini berarti kita harus 2x running program dimana pada running ke-2 kita berikan faktor skala tersebut sbg scale factor pada spectrum cases?

    Maap kbanyakan tanya Pak, soalnya dikuliah saya yg diajarkan hanya analisa statis saja. Terima kasih..

  4. Pak pertanyaan saya diatas sepertinya salah ketik, jd saya ulangi lagi

    1. Pada SNI gempa dikatakan untuk analisa respon spektrum, ordinatnya dikalikan dengan faktor pengali I/R. Apakah ini berarti input Ca pada program etabs dikalikan dengan I/R?

    2. Dikatakan juga untuk periode getar yang berdekatan (

  5. Buat Fickri, coba dech baca makalah P wir tentang pushover dengan SAP lalu baca sni gempanya. pasti akan mengerti tentang analisa respon spectrum dengan SAP atau ETABS….
    Mengenai 2x running program memangnya cuma sekali langsung Ok

  6. Untuk mas Agung

    XSTEEL sebagai media untuk sampai shopdrawing 3d. Saya sebagai perencana tidak sampai shopdrawing.Biasanya fabricator yang bisa. menggambar/drafting. Jawabannya saya belum bisa.

    XSTEEL memberikan CD Tutorial terpisah. Ini hanya didapatkan pada pembelian yang resmi, dan saya juga tidak punya. Mohon maaf.

  7. Pak Wir, salam kenal ya..

    Saya ingin mencari informasi mengenai desain Diaphragm Wall. Apakah Bapak bisa membantu saya mendapat informasi tersebut?

    Terima kasih..

  8. terimakasih atas warisannya berupa ilmu yang bermanfaat. please deh tolong juga di upload jurnal / paper tentang computing yang memakai AI or Genetic Algorithm agar bisa saya teruskan pada The Next Generation

  9. Pak Wir, mau tanya Pak.
    Bapak punya buku Prestressed Concrete Design and Practice (Vernon Marshall & John M. Robberts)?

    Terima kasih..

    Wir’s comments : koq baru dengar, terbitan baru ya.

  10. salam…
    pak wir kok g bisa di donlod ya..?
    katanya kurang bandwithnya..?
    gmana ya..?

    Wir’s responds: ada quota pakai, nggak lebih dari 1 gb per bulan jatahnya. Awal-awalnya sih ok, sekarang banyak yang copy-and-paste link tersebut, jadi karena yang nyedot banyak, jatahnya keburu habis sebelum satu bulan. Harus di up-load di tempat lain, tapi belum sempat-sempat up-load.

  11. salam…
    maaf Pak Wir saya lagi ni..
    saya pengen sekali ngajuin proposal buat beasiswa tapi masih butuh judulnya.
    dan saya pengen sekali baca2 paper tentang itu,
    kira2 Pak Wir punya gak ya paper2 tentang struktur baja/beton yang berupa research terutama dari Prof. dari Jepang seperti Pak Sugiura Kunitomo (Kyoto University) ato yang lainnya?

    terimaksih sebelumnya
    maaf klo terlalu merepotkan
    maju terus teknik sipil Indonesia..!!!


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